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Update: SwimSwam Censors My Comments

My next posting I will discuss How SwimSwam censors all of my comments- but I have to say.. they allow a lot of very inappropriate comments to be posted, by others.

One example is- today I commented on an article they posted about 3 more coaches being banned by SafeSport. My comment was- what about Steven Lochte, Ryan’s dad?  

So please look for my super exciting post about all things censored by SwimSwam.. the place that USA Swimming controls! 

~After I posted this I received a call from a friend who told me that they’d been told several reasons as to why my comments weren’t posted, here are a few:

~they are waiting in a queue and the desk isn’t manned 24 hours a day/7 days a week. My reply to this is-I have lots of experience posting comments, and all of my former posts (before the censoring), were posted within 30 min, I’ll give them 45. NOT a valid excuse.

~some b.s. about anonymous posters/trolls etc.. my reply to this: I would say that 99% of people that comment, comment anonymously, and SwimSwam allows many trolls to post. NOT a valid excuse..

~ there were so many people that commented my comment was just stuck back in line, waiting to get posted. Seriously NOT valid-

After this post, and well into the the other 500 things that were posted on SwimSwam, they put my comment through-one of 2 comments on that article. Who cares-no one will see it through the sea of endless not so worthy “News” posts by SwimSwam.

This all brought me to another thought-why didn’t anyone from SwimSwam just contact me? I have had several conversations with a writer from SwimSwam, why the whole process of going around me? Hhhhmmmm

Sarah Ehekircher