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The Center for SafeSport

The Center for Safe sport, is not what you think it is. Over the past five months, since the case against my former coach Scott MacFarland was reported to the center, all that's happened is NOTHING, nothing that would keep a predator, like Scott MacFarland away from athletes. I'm not really sure what has gone on there, except them trying to figure out, how to get rid of me, and stop me from talking. I will not go away, and I will never stop talking about, how they treat abuse victims, and what Scott did to me.

After receiving my complaint, Kathleen Smith (an investigator at the center), seemed eager to help. I was able to email her, and within a day or two she would respond. This sally took place around 4:50-5:30. I believe she did this, because it was the end of the day, and she wouldn't have to deal with me right away. Her day was over.  I asked various questions, which she would pick and choose, which ones to respond to. The important ones, usually got over looked. I would again try and get answers from her, but I might as well have been beating my head, against a brick wall.  The thought of that, would sometimes make me wonder if that would feel better than the pain, that's been inflicted upon me, by USA Swimming, Scott MacFarland, and now The Center for SafeSport.

On April 20th, 18 SafeSport sent me a notice, that they were opening up an official investigation. I read through it, was hopeful as read. Then my hope dwindled when It hit me, that they would be looking into code of conduct violation 401.1-bringing disrepute upon a Corporation, or upon the sport of swimming. Well yes, he did that I dont' think there's any doubt. I mean he admitted to having sex with me, of course after I magically turned 18. Here's what he said, in his statement to the investigator for USA Swimming in 2010. "MacFarland stated he "was in a sexual relationship with her after she turned 18, and at the conclusion of when he was her coach." 

Here's why this is not valid 1. I was still swimming with him, did so until he was officially not my coach in 1993. I turned 18 in December of my Senior year in high School. So when did this relationship start, according to him- once I was 18? We won't find out what he comes up with, for 5 months-at the NBOR. Here's the truth- Scott MacFarland got into my bed at a meet in California. He raped me-he did not have my consent!!!!!!!!!!!! I was 17, the summer before my senior year. He also had sex with me that summer in Phoenix, and Las Vegas. He took me from Colorado to Phoenix, where we met up with his best friend, who was a coach as well. We then went to Las Vegas, alone in his car. The other coach and his wife, drove together, in their car, and met us there. My head was spinning from everything that just happened, and I didn't understand why this other coach, and he wife-didn't say anything, question what was going on. Until later-it's called $150,000 for the pool that they built. Scott bought their silence long before I met him.

Scott had a room for us, and the other coach and his wife-stayed in another room. I was 17! Scott took me to Las Vegas to watch him play poker, several times during the 7 years we lived together, starting when I was 17. Those trips I was under 21, he had me sit behind him, while he played poker. I was unbelievably embarrassed! Please keep in mind, that he had taken me in, and was supporting me financially. He used this to his advantage, I was the perfect target! I'm digressing, only to show, that there were behaviors, outside of the rape, and continual sexual relationship, that break a few codes of conduct. He also liked to take me to the dog track, and he drank up to 24 beers per night. He would go and buy a suitcase of Coors light each night. 

USA Swimming has done nothing to prove that I still swam competitively, after this supposed first sexual encounter that Scott talks about. I somehow, swam in a meet, and because I was going to college, I was no longer his swimmer. These are his words-If you know anything about swimming-I didn't all of a sudden not swim for him anymore, just because I was going to college. This was what he came up with. This was his story, not mine! He had to counter what I said.  The truth is, as I have always stated. I was 17 when he raped me, in a hotel room, at a meet in California. There were swimmers before and after me, that he lived with, and had inappropriate relationships with. I am NOT the only one, and I reported this to safesport as well. Yet they sit doing nothing!!

On May 24th of this year. They set up the first and last meeting Iv'e had with them. They had me go to an Attorneys office in downtown Denver, where Kathleen Smith, and Michael Henry were waiting for me. They were in a room, where the outside of the office was all glass, and everyone could see what was going on. Mr Henry was behind a computer, and Kathleen was sitting beside him. I felt like I was a criminal, because why would they set this meeting up, so that I felt the least comfortable? Weren't they there to help me, and make the sport of swimming safe? No, this is not their goal, their goal is to gather information, to use against victims, and to see if there can be possible litigation. No ONE at SafeSport is there to help victims!!!!!!

My interrogation went on for about two and half hours, I finally was so upset, that I said, this is fucking ridiculous, and stormed out of the office, shaking! I was so upset by the way they treated me, that I couldn't remember where I parked my car, and ended up wandering around for about half and hour. My phone wasn't working, and the friend I took with me as a witness, became concerned when he couldn't get in touch with me. I was distraught, and all the feelings came rushing back to me, from the NBOR in 2010- I thought, how could this happen again? I should not have been surprised, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I will NOT make that mistake again.

May 25th was the last time I have heard anything from Kathleen Smith, or anyone else at Safesport. I emailed them too many times to count, NOTHING! 10 weeks without a word. Until yesterday afternoon. More will be revealed.

Safesport is not safe! They are not there to help, I cannot be anymore clear than that. Do not trust them, they are not your friends, they will work against you, to get to there final agenda. They are NOT in the business of getting predators, and abusers out of any sport. The people on the banned list are low hanging fruit, they basically had no choice. The truth is coming out, they can't hide their true agenda for long. 


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