Former competitive swimmer, abuse survivor, trying to make the world a better place-one day at a time.

1st reason NBOR was B.S.

In 2010 USA Swimming convened a National Board of Review, after I made a complaint against Scott MacFarland, my swimming coach for seven years. After eight years of trying to get the transcript from USA Swimming, they unexpectedly released it to me, in June of 2018. I want to believe they gave it to me, because they're trying to do the right thing. Unfortunately, they will not release the witness statements (one of which was written by Scott's attorney, for a witness), as well as the exhibits, that were a part of the NBOR.  USA Swimming is saying that it's privileged working product. This is funny for two reasons, one I fed them information, including timelines, that they will not release to me. Secondly USA Swimming represented USA Swimming, at the NBOR. This fact was admitted by one their attorneys at my last meeting with Tim Hinchey.

There was  no one their that could cross examine Scott on my behalf, or on behalf of trying to find the truth, that didn't interfere with USA Swimming's agenda, or Scott MacFarlands. I had an attorney there, but he was not the one running the show, against Scott MacFarland. I felt helpless, and confused as to what was going on. I didn't know for eight years, what could have happened, for the board to not ban Scott. I know now, and today I will begin telling you, each and every way, the boards verdict, is not valid.

A couple of weekends ago, I was at a swim meet. There isn't anything extraordinary about that fact, since this is how I spend many weekends. What is extraordinary about this meet, is that one of Scott MacFarlands witnesses was sitting two tables down from me. Three weekends from now, I will have the pleasure of being at a swim meet with two of Scott's witnesses. One of which, I've know since I was twelve, and was an assistant coach for Scott, when I swam there.  Although he seems to have had amnesia during the NBOR.  

I'd like to discuss the first one though. He is the current head coach at the swim club, that I was on during the time I swam for Scott MacFarland.  Like I said, I didn't know that he was a witness, for eight years. I've been on the pool deck with him for almost four, here in Colorado. He has never even said hello to me. Anyway, he apparently was brought into the hearing, to be a witness to the validity of a swim that I did. This club has a top five in each event, with year of swim, place of swim, time of swim. I myself have wondered where some of my swims are, because I know that I still would have top 5, in some. This one swim that was done back in the summer of 1989, 100 breast, at North Jeffco. I remember this swim, for a couple of reasons. One I had a friend that was coaching out at Mission Viejo, in Ca. She brought a bunch of kids out to train and swim in this very meet. She and I hung out, basically the entire meet. 

This coach is asked if he thinks that these records are unreliable, before 1994, he says "yes". I wonder why it is, that only my swims, for this team, are unreliable? I went to their website recently, and looked over all of the top five swims that were done. There are swims dating back to 1984. But for some reason, this stupid, in season swim, was not accurate according to the current head coach at my former team. So I say, let's take down ALL of the top 5 swims that were done before 1994, they couldn't possibly be accurate. 

Board meeting minutes, from when I swam there were also brought up. Apparently USA Swimming, was having them delivered to Dallas, but Scott's attorney wouldn't allow for them to be introduced. Even thought he was allowed to introduce evidence, at the NBOR, without USA Swimming knowing about it before hand. These minutes, apparently had my name in them. These minutes, could have disproved Scott's claim, that he was no longer my coach, the second I was done with a meet in 1987. So that made it ok to have sex with me. The meet was over, and I was going to college. Everyone in swimming knows, that's not how swimming works. His attorney had a cute little story about how he believes I wasn't his athlete anymore. I'll discuss this later. 

The premise of Scott's defense is this- As of my last meet in August of 1987, when I was 18, I came onto him, on a fictional trip somewhere. That I apparently begged him to go on. He was no longer my coach, because the meet was over, and I was going to college. All of these things could have been rebuffed, but USA Swimming did not find the people who could have given them the truth, and they didn't even call the witnesses that I gave them. I actually left for college a day or two after this meet,  I went home packed up all the stuff I was taking, and went to school. 

The board members, knew better, they did nothing. There was even a time, when they were  talking about this swim that apparently they think isn't accurate, the Head of the board and Scott's attorney, made fun of me, and were bantering back and forth like frat boys. How is any of this OK? Is this the expectation that we all have of the governing body, that our children spend many hours per week doing? How can we ever feel like our children are safe, knowing that a victim of abuse, was treated like a piece of shit. These things will continue, unless major changes take place NOW.

I look forward to disecting the testimony of the other coach that I mentioned, look for more to come.