Former competitive swimmer, abuse survivor, trying to make the world a better place-one day at a time.

Crickets from The Center for SafeSport-Post #1

Today marks the 36th day, that The Center for SafeSport, has ignored my emails, as well as my requests for the audio, and notes, that were taken during my inquisition. Funny thing is that, I am not the one who groomed, raped, and destroyed a life. However, that's how they treated me. I cannot say that I recommend anyone reporting abuse to the Center. 

I look forward to the decisions that Tim Hinchey, and USA Swimming's attorneys make, regarding the topics discussed at our June 25th meeting. I am trying to be optimistic about the decisions that they may or may not make. But I have little hope that they will do the right thing. ~I hope that I am completely wrong!

~Each day, I am told new stories about sexual misconduct in the world of USA Swimming. It's overwhelming some days. But only because, there's no place for victims to go. Because SafeSport is an information gathering center. Looking out for possible litigation-I feel hopeless, that the 1000's of victims within my sport, will never share their stories. Why would they? Why be re-victimized?

In the post's to come I will be addressing the 2010 NBOR and the reasons USA Swimming failed me, and other victims, of Scott MacFarland. After 8 years, USA Swimming sent me the transcript-that I've been asking for. Very interesting read..

The NBOR starts off with USA Swimming representing themselves, against Scott. No conflict there..